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Perfect 10 June 14, 2009

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We celebrated 10 months with Elly on June 12th. As we were eating dinner that night Jamie said that his love for her just keeps growing. So sweet.


10 Interesting Facts About Elly:

  1. Elly is a champion eater, loving all the new finger foods she’s tried lately (*well, other than cheese). All are amazed by how much food she puts away.
  2. She has been saying “Mama” a lot lately. I am starting to think she really knows that Mama means me. Other possible words are being ignored until this is confirmed.
  3. When you ask “Where’s Daddy?”, “Where’s Mommy?” or “Where’s Otis?” she will look at the correct person/dog. She can also do this for certain objects, such as her prized baby doll (creatively named Baby) that she sleeps with each night.
  4. She is an obsessive compulsive waver and loves all the attention it gets her from strangers. She’s probably wondering why cars, dogs and people on TV don’t wave back at her.
  5. Did I mention the girl loves to eat? She fusses every time her food runs out. When I scoop more food onto her plate/tray she will push my hand out of the way to get to it as fast as possible.
  6. Elly cannot sleep without her beloved pacifier (known as Passie).
  7. She has the most beautiful laugh. Aaaawww, um not really. But she has recently started this hilarious fake laugh. Her real laughs usually sound like high-pitched squeals or little grunts (not to be confused with #1o).
  8. If you mess with her sleep schedule there will be hell to pay. The lady loves a good schedule.
  9. She might be part bulldog. When she sits a certain way or falls asleep while seated her cheeks droop down like a bulldog’s jowls. I personally think bulldogs are adorable.
  10. She’s the hardest working pooper out there. Seriously. She grunts and her face turns beet red.

 (* She threw up after trying cheese. She’s also done this when we had to give her formula twice before, so no dairy for Elly until she’s a year old. Fingers crossed that she outgrows this little problem.)

This is the first cake I’ve ever made from scratch. Even the frosting is homemade. It’s a white almond cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. I am disturbed by how many sticks of butter went into it, but it is yummy.

June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

Kissable Bulldog Cheeks

Kissable Bulldog Cheeks


5 Responses to “Perfect 10”

  1. ang Says:

    I adore her. And you. I am disturbed by how well you write in cursive with icing. I can’t do it with a pen…

  2. The Sinclair's Says:

    You are too cute Christine! I hope Elly does haven’t an allergy or intolerance!! Poor thing.

  3. Kelly Says:

    so freakin cute! i just want to pinch her bulldog cheeks all day long!

  4. jessica Says:

    Happy 10 months cutie pie Elly! You & Sam make the perfect pair with your pinchable cheeks, big appetites & needing to follow those schedules (darn no sleeping on the beach :).

  5. Jenny Says:

    SO cute! Your cakes are so amazing. I know I comment on them every time, but I’m seriously so impressed! And not sure how, but Elly keeps getting cuter and cuter!

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