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Baptism by the Beach May 1, 2009

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Elly was baptized on Sunday, April 26th.  It was a warm and sunny day and Elly looked so sweet in her white eyelet dress.


When we first sat down in church Elly was behaving flawlessly, we wondered why we didn’t always bring her in with us instead of putting her in the nursery. Part way through, we realized why. She got ants in her bloomers! We pulled out our best tricks; pacifier, puffs, and sippy cup.


It was finally time for the baptism, I thought she was going to wiggle right out of my arms! She did become perfectly still and mesmerized as the pastor placed water on her forehead. Then he attempted to carry her up the aisle to greet everone, but she wanted no part of that and she let everyone know it!


Afterwards, a lot of church members came up to us to meet Elly and told us how great she did. We appreciated all of the kind words.



Thank you so much to all of the family who came to Elly’s baptism and luncheon, especially those who traveled to be here for the occasion. We’re so glad you were able to help us celebrate!



6 Responses to “Baptism by the Beach”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Elly — You look beautiful in your baptism dress! Glad you had such a wonderful day!

  2. “She got ants in her bloomers!” = LOL

  3. jessica Says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful baby, beautiful family, beautiful cake!

  4. Jenny Says:

    What cute pictures! You all look so happy! I love that sign! Did you make it?

    • Christine Says:

      i did make the banner…i used the same papers that i had used to make the invitations, then used paper flowers/brads to embellish the sign where i had punched and slid the ribbon through each letter. i just printed the letters on the computer. if you have a paper cutter it isn’t hard and with your craftiness i am sure you could make one!
      i did NOT make the cake though :o).

  5. Kelly Says:

    Happy Baptism Elly! You looked beautiful on your special day.

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