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Easter Elly April 14, 2009

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Something strange happened to Elly on Easter morning….she turned into a bunny!


We had lots of good clean fun helping Elly celebrate her first Easter. We got her all dolled up and headed off to church in the morning. All the church ladies thought she was “just precious” (read with heavy Southern drawl). Elly seemed to have fun playing in the church nursery with the other babies decked out in seersucker suits and fancy dresses.



Later we enjoyed some strawberry shortcake at our neighbors house, yum! Following that sweet treat we took Elly to the park for a photo shoot. Our talented neighbor took some beautiful pictures for us with his fancy camera.


The Easter Bunny brought Elly a basket filled with treats and a personal note. Some items she received were a sippy cup, new pacifiers, and a book called ‘Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs’. Lucky for us many of our favorite candies were also included!


We had some family over for Easter dinner. I’ve made augratin potatoes twice now; the 1st time they were overcooked and last night they were a tad undercooked-oops! Hopefully the third time is the charm. By the time dessert rolled around we were all exhausted, but we had to get in a picture of Elly with her 8 month birthday cake. I can’t believe we have an 8 month old!!


We hope you all had as happy an Easter as we did!


5 Responses to “Easter Elly”

  1. jessica Says:

    What beautiful pictures, Elly is just darling!

  2. Aimee Says:

    Elly is so cute in her Easter dress. You all are a beautiful family.

  3. sarah Says:

    Christine~ I love the Easter picture of the three of you! Elly looked so pretty in her dress!

  4. Courtney Says:

    I love your family picture! I ALWAYS forget to capture all of us! Elly is too cute.

  5. Jenny Says:

    What a cute bunny! 🙂 And your cake is as adorable as ever!

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