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Since You’ve Been Gone December 6, 2008

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Jamie went to Wise, VA for his brother Ryan’s graduation. Us womenfolk stayed behind this trip due to the large amount of driving involved. Lots of car time and Elly don’t mix too well, especially if there’s traffic or red stoplights. Here are some of the wild and crazy things we’ve been up to while Daddy was away….

We did some Christmas decorating after our trip to Pottery Plus, a huge store that sells all things pottery, plus.



Elly wore a new dress. Hope you didn’t just get dizzy and pass out from all that plaid, sorry about that.


Naptime with mini Otie


Hanging out at Chris and Dad’s house



One Response to “Since You’ve Been Gone”

  1. Andy Says:

    Sorry you couldnt make here to Wise for Ryan’s big day and some rightous Beer Pong, but it looks like the girls and the dogs found good things to do.

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