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Christmas Photo Shoot November 13, 2008

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I had grand plans of a beautiful and serene family photo on the beach to put on our Christmas cards this year. Attempt one, not quite a success. It took a lot of prodding to get Jamie to agree to the photo, especially the part that involved us wearing matching outfits, not sure I could convince him to try again so the pictures will just have to live on the blog and I’ll come up with something else for our Christmas cards. I know the suspense must be killing you.

blinding sunlight+fussy baby= bad pictures




15 Responses to “Christmas Photo Shoot”

  1. jessica Says:

    well, I am highly impressed you have even started thinking about Christmas! Maybe everyone isn’t smiling at the same time, but these are still keepers.

  2. White-on-khaki, so hot right now.

  3. Courtney Says:

    Oh my gosh! I died laughing because we did the SAME thing last weekend! It was terrible….plan B – photo shop!!

  4. sarah Says:

    Sorry, but I am glad that Jamie took some prodding. I am sure my husband would too so that makes me feel a little better! What a great idea though and CUTE pictures!!!

  5. Judging by the second photo, there must’ve been a tennis ball attached to the camera.

    And don’t worry Jamie, no one’s ever gonna see these …

  6. Christine Says:

    Chris, are you saying I don’t have many blog readers? How insulting…

  7. Kenneth Hill Says:

    you do realize that you guys are officially sickeningly adorable right?

    with love from London,
    Uncle Kenny

  8. Lisa Sinclair Says:

    I think the pictures are great, are you kidding?! We’re off to do our family photo this weekend as well… although Seth doesn’t know that i have his outfit already picked out and complements me and Ben perfectly. Great work Christine!!

  9. No, Xtine, quite the contrary. The joke was that everyone if gonna see these photos. Duh.

  10. Sorry, is gonna see these …

    And you gots to fix your blog’s timestamping. Everyone’s gonna think I was on here commenting at 12:30AM on a Friday night. Ew, how debbie.

    I assure you all, it is actually 7:30 PM and I’m about to go to the most awesome party of all time!

    [settles into his lazy boy with a six pack for a night of television.]

  11. ang Says:

    adorable! adopt me immediately.

  12. Kelly Says:

    Ha! That’s funny. Otis is the only one not looking distressed. It was a very good idea even if not executed as expected. I’ll be looking forward to the results of Plan B in my mailbox!

  13. Jenny Says:

    Such a cute photo shoot! Hope round two goes better, but I think you got some good ones the first time around.

  14. kate Says:

    omg lol

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